Dwyer Homes

Dwyer's Quality Built Homes is proud to be a part of Four Generation Builders, incorporating an array of avenues including commercial, residential, and restoration. Our philosophy is based on a tradition of quality, dedication to excellence and attention to the individual homeowner's needs.

The homeowner is number one in our eyes and special attention is given to them in determining their desires and needs. We pride ourselves on uncompromising integrity, quality, workmanship and service. Throughout the entire building process we will apply our "Four Generation" experience with a "hands on" process.

It would be an honor for Dwyer's Homes to build your next dream home.

Dwyer Homes
191 Acton Street
Strathroy, ON N7G 0C7
Tel/Fax 519 245 8573
(m) 519 636 6234

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